First virtual multidisciplinary meeting of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg

In October 2020, the members of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg met virtually to continue their collaboration despite the pandemic. After a series of digital meetings with a single discipline approach, 35 physio, occupational, speech and language therapists as well as neurologists, all involved in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, gathered for the first time for a multidisciplinary online meeting.

ParkinsonNet Luxembourg was established almost three years ago and aims to provide integrated care to people with Parkinson’s disease. Hence, a regular mutual exchange of experience is essential for a successful collaboration between the different disciplines.

After an update on the recent activities and scientific findings, the participants formed smaller interdisciplinary groups based on their geographical working areas to discuss further, facilitate networking and encourage regional collaboration. Along the same lines, relevant cases of patients who gave their consent were introduced in the discussion rounds. This way, therapists got an insight into the work of their colleagues and learned about the key aspects in other disciplines.

“Overall, the event was perceived very positively and deemed useful by the participants”, reports Dr Anne Kaysen, project manager of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg. “The regional discussion rounds have proven especially popular as they allowed people to get acquainted with their colleagues and exchange directly on specific cases.” Thus, a series of regional online meetings for continued interdisciplinary exchange is already planned for the end of November.