FAQ for the Réseau de compétences maladies neurodégénératives ParkinsonNet Luxembourg


What is the Réseau de compétences maladies neurodégénératives (RdC-MN) ParkinsonNet Luxembourg? What is the aim of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is a competence network consisting of neurologists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and people with Parkinson's disease or other forms of parkinsonism, in which they are treated in an integrated, quality-assured and coordinated care concept according to the international state-of-the-art. The aim is therefore to offer people with Parkinson’s an optimal evidence-based treatment in accordance with current scientific findings thereby improving their quality of life.

What is ParkinsonNet Luxembourg doing to achieve this goal?

  • Education: ParkinsonNet Luxembourg continuously trains healthcare professionals in evidence-based treatment of people with Parkinson's or other forms of parkinsonism. In this way, ParkinsonNet Luxembourg ensures that every person with Parkinson's receives competent treatment tailored to their needs.
  • Patient-centered care: The healthcare in ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is coordinated by care managers. People with Parkinson’s are supported in the treatment processes and the different health professions of the care team are organized around the respective people with Parkinson’s. This will also be supported via a digital management platform soon.
  • Improved communication: ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is based on a tight network between people with Parkinson's and their different healthcare professionals. Regular multidisciplinary meetings improve communication and collaboration between people with Parkinson's, neurologists and therapists.
  • Quality assurance: Healthcare quality is monitored to support the healthcare professionals and to allow for prompt adjustments of the healthcare procedures if necessary.
  • Collaboration with research: ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is in direct contact with national and international research programs on Parkinson’s disease and other forms of Parkinsonism. This ensures that the latest scientific findings can be immediately integrated into care for the benefit of people with Parkinson’s.

I am affected by Parkinson's disease. Why should I join ParkinsonNet Luxembourg? What benefits will I have if I become a member of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

You will have access to specialized healthcare professionals affiliated to ParkinsonNet Luxembourg. They undergo regular training on optimal integrated care for people with Parkinson’s and communicate regularly with your other healthcare professionals. Results from ParkinsonNet Netherlands founded in 2004 are impressive. They show that people who are treated by health professionals specialised in Parkinson's:

  • require fewer treatments
  • have fewer complications (e.g. hip fractures) and therefore fewer hospital stays
  • experience a higher effectiveness of their treatment, which will increase their quality of life

I am already followed up by a ParkinsonNet healthcare professional. What will change now with the RdC-MN?

Care information will be better shared amongst your healthcare team supported by the DSP (‘dossier de soins partagé’, your electronic health record of the Agence eSanté Luxembourg), leading to an improved communication. Furthermore, together with the Ministry of Health and the CNS, ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is currently developing models to enable people with Parkinson optimal access to all treatments, including those not yet reimbursed. In the future, the RdC-MN will integrate other healthcare professionals for better treatment of people with Parkinson’s: initially, these will include nurses, dieticians, social workers, and psychologists.

Which health professions are affiliated with ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

The multidisciplinary care network currently includes specialised neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists. In the future, other professional groups such as nurses, dietitians, psychologists, and social workers will be integrated into the network. >> A geographical overview of all affiliated health professionals


I am affected by Parkinson's disease. How can I join the ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

If you are interested in joining the network, please contact your neurologist. She/he will help you take the necessary steps.

Can I still join ParkinsonNet Luxembourg if I am living in an institution (e.g. nursing home, home for the elderly)?


Where will the consultations and treatment sessions take place?

ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is a network of healthcare professionals who are distributed all over the country. Consultations and treatment sessions will take place at your healthcare professionals’ settings.

>> A geographical overview of all affiliated health professionals

Can my family/caregiver accompany me in the consultations?

Yes, of course, it is even encouraged.

How can I contact a ParkinsonNet Luxembourg healthcare professional?

You can find their contact details on the ParkinsonNet Luxembourg website.

How and where can I get more information about ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

All information is available on the website.

If I become part of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg, who will have access to my personal information?

Only your healthcare team will have access to your personal and medical information.


How does the reimbursement of health services provided in ParkinsonNet Luxembourg work? And how much would it cost to be part of the ParkinsonNet Luxembourg?

Present reimbursement rules stay unchanged, and membership is free of charge.

What if I live abroad and I am affiliated to the CNS?

Present reimbursement rules stay unchanged. Home visits by healthcare professionals are not possible abroad.

If I have another healthcare system affiliation, for instance, the European community? Can I still join?

Yes, you can.

Present reimbursement rules stay unchanged.


Can I drop-out at any moment?

Yes, you are free to drop out from ParkinsonNet Luxembourg at any moment without giving any reason. Just inform us by email (rdc.neuro@chl.lu ) or by phone (+352) 44 11 66 35.