More than 1000 people in Luxembourg live with Parkinson’s disease. Considering the many sides of Parkinson’s disease and the multitude of symptoms that vary from patient to patient, the treatment of the disease requires the interaction between doctors, therapists and many other healthcare professionals. It is thus important that occupational, speech and physical therapists, neurologists, neuropsychologists and researchers are working closely.

The aim of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is to offer the framework for such close collaborations. This network would like to connect nationwide the different professions involved in the treatment and care of Parkinson’s disease patients.

ParkinsonNet is a concept born in the Netherlands that is an integrated care network for the patients. It allows to continually improve the exchange between the patients and the healthcare professionals, and ensures optimal treatment, based on recent scientific studies. Within the network, we have the specialists (i.e. occupational therapists, physical therapists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, and researchers) , the patients, their families and the patients associations, all linked together. Such a network of patients and experts is being implemented in Luxembourg, following the Dutch model.