ParkinsonNet Luxembourg multidisciplinary meeting and info session

40 ParkinsonNet members (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists, neurologists) discussed the fluctuations of motor symptoms and advanced therapies for Parkinson’s disease, as well as the importance of early referrals to specialised therapists. ParkinsonNet Luxembourg was established three years ago and aims to provide integrated care to people with Parkinson’s disease. Hence, a regular mutual exchange of experience is essential for a successful collaboration between the different disciplines.

Afterwards, an information session was held for those who may be interested in joining ParkinsonNet Luxembourg in the future. Besides a presentation of the concept of ParkinsonNet and its past activities in the Grand Duchy, several members of ParkinsonNet – Sylvie Greischer (occupational therapist), Harald Hübner (physiotherapist) and Kimberly Stein-Biwer (speech & language therapist) – shared their experiences as members since 2018. This session was open to therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists), neurologists but also professions that ParkinsonNet would like to include in the future such as (neuro-)psychologists, dietitians and social workers. 22 interested prospective candidates joined this information session.  

“We are extremely pleased to see the growing interest of healthcare professionals in joining the ParkinsonNet Luxembourg network and working with people with Parkinson’s disease,” said Dr Anne Kaysen, project manager of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg. “In order to allow best possible care for all people with Parkinson’s disease living in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, it is important to expand the network by including more therapists of the established professions in our network but also widen it to new disciplines”