Criteria therapists have to agree to before joining ParkinsonNet Luxembourg:

  • Willingness to take an active part in the exchanges in the multi- and interdisciplinary network of ParkinsonNet. Have a high degree of responsiveness to the different ways of communication.
  • Willingness to work according to the evidence-based guidelines.
  • The ParkinsonNet membership is personal and does not extend to the group or corporation that the member works for (e.g. group practice, care network, hospital).
  • Your name and work address will be publicly announced on the ParkinsonNet website (therefore accessible to health professionals, prescribers and the general public).
  • Attending a ParkinsonNet three day basic training session.
  • As the primary communication language of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg is English, a proficient understanding of English is required

Criteria that need to be met to stay member of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg:

  • Participation in the continuing education offered by ParkinsonNet. Minimum participation quota in training events over two years is 80% unless an exception has been granted by the steering committee of ParkinsonNet Luxembourg.
  • Presenting at least once every two years a case in a monodisciplinary or multidisciplinary event.
  • Participation in ParkinsonNet evaluation processes.
  • Each member needs to indicate the number of Parkinson's patients of which he/she is taking care of in a transparent manner.
  • Actively sharing knowledge and information with your peers.
  • Being aware that if commitments are not satisfactorily fulfilled, ParkinsonNet membership may expire.